Ground control to Player 2: To succeed in the E-Heroes interactive VR challenge your key skill is cooperation. Two players enter the game, one in space, one on the ground. To save the International Space Station they have to work as a team.

The objective of the project was to entice young people to apply for an apprenticeship as an electrician. Making good use of the creative freedom provided by both, agency and client, we designed and produced this highly intense interactive VR-challenge for aspiring electricians at the 2017 Zurich Career Fair. That resulted in lots of traffic in front of the VR-booth at the convention and on the website.

Awarded with Gold at the German Digital Awards and with Bronze at the ADC Switzerland.

Client: Verband Schweizerischer Elektro-Installationsfirmen (VSEI)

Agency: Baker Street, Winterthur

Production Studio: Sehsucht, Berlin

Producing: Timo Seegräber

Creative Direction: Saskia Kretzschmann, Christian Zschunke

Artists: Ignas Blažys, Philipp Brates, Johannes Fug, Saskia Kretzschmann, Christoph Strohfeld, Nick Zieske, Christian Zschunke

Programming: Christian Schulze, Christian Zschunke